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Mechanical License 101

  • In order to legally record a song, you need to sign a mechanical license from the publishers involved.


  • The set rate established by law is 9.1 cents per copy made/download sold


  • Most publishing companies do a standard $91 license which covers your first 1,000 copies printed or downloads sold (collectively).


  • After you pass that point you simply order another mechanical license.

  • It's as simple as that! 


  • If you co-wrote the song and have no publisher, the license would only be $45.50 because you own the other half. 


  • If you co-wrote it with 2 people the license would be $60.66, split between the other 2 publishers. (You keep the other $30.34)


  • Some of the major publishing companies may have a higher minimum, so make sure you find out up front.


  • At Diamonds in The Rough Publishing, we stick with the standard 1,000 unit minimum ($91) and there is no administration fee.

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