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Guitarist Writing Song

Our Diamond Discovery
Co-writing Process

Bringing Your Song Ideas To Life and Making You A Co-Writer

  • Our Nashville based professional songwriter takes your song idea and will create the song for you, or collaborate with you by adding on to and/or completing what you have already started.

  • The process includes both the lyrics and melody.

  • The song will then be sent to you as a rough mix work tape. *note: this is not a demo

  • As per industry standards, you own 50% of the writing and 50% of the publishing no matter how much you contribute to the song.

  • 50% of the writing belongs to Corey Lee Barker and 50% of the publishing belongs to DITR Publishing (unless written with more than one writer, it is also split as industry standard).

  • Upon completion and because you are a co-writer, you have the right to make any changes to the song *note: as changes could make the song more personal for you, there is a possibility it could limit its probability for Sync.

  • Because DITR Publishing and Corey Lee Barker are a part of this work there is a huge possibility, if recorded to industry standards, it will be pitched to Sync. This is not a guarantee and is not what you are paying for, it’s an additional bonus to working with our professional songwriter and publishing company.

  • There is a writing fee of $200 per song and on projects with 3 or more songs, we offer a discounted rate after the first song of $200, each additional song is $150 a song.

  • This portion of our company was created to give songwriters and artists, like you, the opportunity to work with one of the pros! Congratulations and Happy Writing!


"The Perfect Song Is One Written Just For You."

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